Together, we can provide clean water for life to thousands of people in Uganda and Kenya. Everyone’s contribution is unique and we are looking forward to hearing how we can best support you to make an impact!


WaterNight friends go bald for clean water at NamesCon

Go Bald for Clean Water 

Every year, brave men and women sign up to champion clean water by balding for dollars at WaterNight. How does it work? It's simple. Set a fundraising goal and encourage your family and friends to help you reach it. When you do, you're heading up on stage at WaterNight to lose your locks in support of bringing clean water to hundreds of people WaterSchool partners with.

Fundraise for WaterSchool

Get your Business Involved

From sponsoring WaterNight to hosting your own golf tournament, BBQ or walk-a-thon, there are no shortage of ways to get your staff excited about making an impact in this world. Bring your best and brightest ideas and we'll support you in giving your company's community engagement new life by helping educate and inspire your team about the importance of clean water.

Visiting Uganda, become a clean water champion

Become a Clean Water Champion

Join our group of closest supporters by becoming a monthly donor. For $33 a month, you can bring clean safe water to an entire family for life. Over the course of the year, that's 12 families that you can equip with life-changing tools and training to purify their water and practice safe hygiene and sanitation techniques.  

Visitors you are welcome, volunteer with WaterSchool

Volunteer with WaterSchool

WaterSchool relies significantly on a committed group of passionate, skilled volunteers. Want to contribute your time, energy and expertise? We are always on the lookout for people who can help in the office, who can host a fundraiser, or who are keen to head to the field. We'd love to have you involved.

I shaved my head in support of clean water at NamesCon
I shaved my head in support of WaterSchool because I appreciate their low-tech, highly sustainable solution to the lack of clean water in countries like Uganda and Kenya. I believe that their educational approach provides communities with the opportunity to create tangible, lasting positive changes from within.
— Shallom Johnson, WaterShave Participant

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