In 2001, Bob Dell was going to Uganda. As a retired water engineer with 40 years of hard work and experience under his belt, Bob was heading off on a trip to see what the next chapter in his life would hold. 

Founding Fathers

On that journey, he saw over and over again how a lack of clean drinking water had a devastating impact on people’s lives not only on their health but on their education, economy and families. Pairing his own professional experience with extensive research, Bob found SODIS - a model for solar disinfection championed by aquatic researchers at the Swiss lab, Eawag. Working together to refine the purification system, Bob and the Eawag team built a powerful, effective and simple model that could be easily taught and replicated.

With initial testing in Uganda in 2004 yielding tremendous results, Bob connected with Fraser Edwards, the Africa Director at Compassion Canada, to see how they could work together to spread this technology to thousands more.

Together, they founded WaterSchool in 2007 and, while they have both now stepped back from stepped back from day-to-day operations, their mission and vision to bring clean water for life to people in Uganda and Kenya lives on. Today, WaterSchool has reached over 600,000 men, women and children with its sanitation and hygiene trainings and has provided them with clean water. For life.