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Simple way to purify water promotes better health in Kenya

Mennonite World Review | October 2013

In the urban compound of Menno Kids Academy, in an impoverished area of Nairobi, Kenya, tables of clear, plastic bottles fill the courtyard — a simple but powerful tool in a fight for better health. READ MORE…


Water School Empowering Communities Comprehensively

Daily Monitor Uganda | March 22, 2013

Mr, Zepha Mukalere, the Executive Director, says the program started with only 204 households and three primary schools in Kisoro District but due to massive demand, the program has extended to 38,686 households, and 75 schools. READ MORE…


Mission H20: A Thirst-Quenching Journey Through Uganda

Going Organic Magaine | Scott Cole| Fall 2012

Stepping out of his American box, Scott Cole takes the trip of a lifetime to Uganda with Water School where he learned how to build an outdoor lava rock shower, a “Tippy Tap” hand-washing structure, and, most importantly, he witnessed how people with so little material goods and tainted water are exuberantly happy. READ MORE…


UBC alumni Marcie Good travels to Haiti with Water School 

Trek Online  | Marcie Good | Sring/Summer 2012

Two UBC alumni travelled to Haiti last summer to see how a simple method for removing contaminants from water is being adopted and promoted by locals.  READ MORE…


Local man helps purify process to cleaner water in Uganda

London Community News | Mallory Clarkson | Jan 23, 2012

Keep it simple and straightforward. While there are a couple variations of the KISS acronym, for Bob Dell, the message remains the same: The more complex you make something, the less effective it becomes.  READ MORE…


Clean Water for All

The Epoch Times | John Christopher Fine | Nov 28, 2011

“It’s so simple people don’t believe me,” Mills said. Corporate donors and benefactors just can’t seem to recognize that a little nonprofit with a simple idea can save millions of impoverished children around the world. In Africa alone, 2 million children die each year from waterborne diseases. READ MORE…


With no know-how, how to spring water-filter device from idea to creation

The Globe & Mail | Chloe Tergiman | Oct 7, 2011

After years of developing and implementing water-treatment solutions in Third World countries, engineer Bradley Pierik invented a simple, hand-held filtration device that turns non-potable water into drinking water by pressing it through a fibre membrane. READ MORE…


Press Release

September 12, 2011 – Registration is Now Open for Water Climb 2012


Educating Children Around the Globe about Clean Water Solutions

Seametric Blog | Blog Post | July 14, 2011

Many nonprofit organizations (NGOs) advocate educating local communities about sustainable water and how to manage a system once it is in place, but few organizations put that education in the hands of the children. READ MORE…


Robert Dell, President and Bradley Pierik, Research Scientist – Water School

Good News Planet | Podcast | June 7, 2011

Water School implements its program through existing agencies in the beneficiary area. Local community groups schools, churches, hospitals, government institutions who have a vision for clean water, are championing the process and working in their communities to bring education and training in concert with the materials needed to clean existing water sources. LISTEN NOW…


Plastic Bottles Offer Simple Solution to Safe Water

The Epoch Times | By John Christopher Fine | Apr 14, 2011

The lack of clean water is directly responsible for the death of 4,000 children every 24 hours. In some African nations, half the population suffers from water borne diseases. All this can be cured with a discarded clear plastic bottle left outside in the sun for a few hours. READ MORE…


Scaling Kilimanjaro to Scale Back Water Disease

Food Safety News | By Gretchen Goetz | Mar 24, 2011

As 11 climbers embarking this weekend for the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro stop to purify water from streams along the way, money they raise will be flowing into African communities to give them clean drinking water as well — for life. READ MORE…


Press Release

March 15, 2011 – Water School’s 2011 Climb to Kilimanjaro – What some people will do for clean water…


The Search For Clean Water

Clean Link | By Gretchen Roufs | Feb 2011

Inspired by the stark statistic that in Africa almost 20 percent of kids die from water disease before their fifth birthday, Bob Dell, chairman of the board of Dell Tech Laboratories, an organization of chemists and consultants based in London, Ontario, Canada, volunteers his time and energy to help people in developing countries gain access to clean water. READ MORE…


$1 Million Gift Rains on Nonprofit: Donation will mean more clean drinking water for the world’s poorest

AARP | By  Betsy Towner | Dec 22, 2010

By the glow of a Christmas tree decorated with water bottles, Bob Dell and Fraser Edwards appealed to their party guests: Your $10 gift will provide one of the world’s poorest children with clean water for life. Instead, they received $1 million from one guest. READ MORE…


Press Release

December 15, 2010 – Water School $1 Million Holiday Gift


Using the Sun to Make Water Safe to Drink

Food Safety News | By Gretchen Goetz | Nov 17, 2010

In 2001, Bob Dell left his career as a water treatment scientist to volunteer for children affected by AIDS in Africa.  But when he followed a group of Ugandan children to their local water source and saw that they drank from the same pond as the cows, he found a whole new focus for his expertise: finding a clean water source for these children. READ MORE…


Press Release

November 8, 2010 – At Last Haiti Catches a Break


Press Release

November 3, 2010 – Using Plastic Bottles to Clean Water– Using Sunlight to Fight Cholera


Bob Dell – A London Pioneer Noting London | By Glen Pearson | Oct 29, 2010

Meet Bob Dell, an absolutely amazing Londoner who has left a compassionate image of this city in far-flung places around the globe.  Bob helps to lead The Water School, an ingenious program that actually uses the rays of the sun to purify water in just a few hours. READ MORE..


Press Release

October 18, 2010 –  Project Wet and Water School Cross Borders to Promote WASH Education


Kids’ Climb Aids Africa, Haiti
London Free Press | By Randy Richmond | Sep 28, 2010

When she saw the pictures, Mia Kamani, 6, had to climb into her father’s arms. “We were looking at the pictures of the people in Sudan,” her father recalled. READ MORE…


Introducing Sandra Getuba – Director of Development for a Great Domain Industry Supported Charity Organization – The Water School

DN Journal Newsletter | May – July 2010

As most of our regular readers know, The Water School has been “adopted” by many as the unofficial charity of the domain industry. The Canada-based non-profit organization has developed a cost effective water purification program that is saving lives in Africa and other developing nations around the world. READ MORE… ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

 The Water School is Saving the Future One Child at a Time

The Era of Collaboration | By Shanie Matthews | Mar 3, 2010

One of my favorite examples of collaboration is soon to transpire. The Kili2010, as I mentioned before,  was brought to my attention via a friend from childhood, Andy Shirey. He, as well as others, are participating in a benefit climb to help bring awareness and funding to The Water School. READ MORE…


Working Together for Clean Water in Africa

The Era of Collaboration | By Shanie Matthews | Feb 12, 2010

Collaboration is in effect for the creation of clean water solutions for many in Africa in the form of Kili 2010. On March 1st, 2010 a large group of internet professionals, business people and outdoor enthusiasts will climb Mount Kilimanjaro in an effort to raise awareness and funding for sustainable clean water solutions throughout this grand continent. READ MORE… ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

A First Person Account of a Domain Industry Climb Team’s Conquest of Mount Kilimanjaro That Raised Almost $200,000 for Charity

DN Journal Newsletter | Feb 2010

As February was coming to a close a group of domain industry leaders assembled byGregg McNair (PPX International) and Rick Latona ( was on their way to Africa to attempt to climbTanzania’s majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. They decided to take on this daunting task in an effort to raise funds for The Water School, a non-profit organization that has developed a cost effective water purification program that is saving lives inAfrica and other developing nations around the world. READ MORE…


Bob Dell’s Dedication to Clean Water is Having a Global Impact

Water’s Next

After a 30-year career as a water scientist at his own Dell Tech Laboratories, Bob Dell visited Uganda in 2004 with global charity Compassion Canada and saw firsthand the impact that waterborne illnesses were having on the nation. He realized the answer to this problem was potentially so simple that it had been hidden in plain sight for years. READ MORE…