You can help bring clean water to thousands of families in Uganda this year.

For ten years our team has worked tirelessly to bring access to clean water as well as simple, inexpensive sanitation infrastructure like tippy taps and latrines to families across Uganda.

The impact has been immense. From lower rates of hospital visits to higher school attendance, good health through clean water and improved hygiene and sanitation dramatically transforms people’s lives.

To ensure more people in Uganda have access to clean water this coming year, your support is essential.

Join us by making your gift today.

All donations will be directed to board-approved programs in Uganda. By choosing a country above, you are choosing your currency and tax-receipting country. 

As a donor, I was astonished by the quality of programs and impact made in people’s lives. WaterSchool not only brings the simple and life-saving solar disinfection technology into people’s homes to help clean their water, but the team is also adept at embedding new hygiene practices permanently into rural communities.

This is hard work and requires exceptional commitment and exceptional talents. Rest assured that WaterSchool provides both in abundance.
— Dick Brown, WaterSchool Donor, After a visit to Uganda in 2016