This Christmas, give the gift that saves lives.

When we met Grandma Fede, she was living in squalor.

Her tiny mud house and the surrounding yard was strewn with garbage and rotting food scraps. In one corner, there was an open pit with human waste, and leaning up against her house was a jerry can full of dirty, contaminated water from the local pond.

Homes like Grandma Fede’s are not unusual in rural Uganda where extreme poverty is commonplace. As a result, people like Grandma Fede often struggle their whole lives with entirely preventable waterborne diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid, and cholera.

Over months of working one-on-one with Grandma Fede, we helped her build a latrine, a tippy-tap, a compost and she learned how to disinfect her water using the power of the sun.

Today, Grandma Fede is a model of health for her community and is passing her knowledge and skills onto others.

To ensure more people in Uganda have access to clean water in 2019, your support is essential.

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Meet Grandma Fede

Watch the video below to meet Grandma Fede and to learn more about how our Ugandan implementation partner, Africa Water Solutions, worked with her to bring her access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation solutions, and better health.