WaterNight is WaterSchool’s flagship fundraising event. Hosted in Las Vegas every January, WaterNight is the closing party for an internet domaining conference, NamesCon, and brings a large community of WaterSchool supporters together to raise over $100,000 to invest in clean water in Africa.

Friends at NamesCon shave their heads for clean water

From pledging support to an epic balding-for-dollars extravaganza, WaterNight is nothing short of our favourite evening of the year and has an impact that is felt all year long.

It’s a great opportunity for us to get together and make a big impact on the water project as a group... What I like the most about WaterSchool is that 100% of your donation goes directly to support program implementation overseas. You know you’re making an impact no matter how big or small your donation is.
— Derek, WaterShave Participant

Are you interested in participating? Eager to get your company involved as a sponsor? We have lots of opportunities for you to make an impact. Donate for children, for their families and for the future of the beautiful country of Uganda. 
Let’s chat!

Please email Holly, WaterSchool’s Donor Stewardship Coordinator, at hello@thewaterschool.org for more information or click here to reserve your spot at the next WaterNight.