Do you envision a future where everyone has access to clean water? 

The WaterSchool Ambassadors are a team of passionate, creative volunteers who care deeply about ensuring the availability of hygiene and sanitation education as well as clean water for children and their parents in Uganda. Part mission-spreading super fans, part fundraising champions, and 100% community connectors, WaterSchool Ambassadors leverage their passion, creativity and commitment to strengthen and broaden our community of financial supporters. 

WaterSchool Ambassadors make an impact by committing to engage ten brand new donors with WaterSchool every year.

Ambassadors' Responsibilities:

  • Attend in-person the WaterSchool kick-off event
  • Learn about WaterSchool's history, programs, impact and vision through materials provided to you and by getting to know the Board and your fellow Committee Members
  • Using what you learn at the kick-off event, identify great prospects from within your own community and network as well as to develop ideas around how you can best connect with your prospects
  • Connect personally (one-on-one or host a small event!) with these prospects (2-3 prospects per month) and share WaterSchool's mission, vision and impact with them
  • If appropriate, ask them to consider making a financial donation to WaterSchool this year
  • Liaise with the WaterSchool team to troubleshoot any challenges you face and to pass information along to keep the organization’s records up-to-date
  • With support from the WaterSchool team, steward any of your prospects that become donors

Time Commitment:

  • Attend welcome event in June 2017
  • Work hand-in-hand with WaterSchool's team to develop your specific approach to reaching your community - perhaps you'll meet people one-on-one or maybe you'll host a WaterSchool dinner at your home - whatever it is, we'll be with you every step of the way
  • Connecting with 20 - 30 prospects per year with the goal of securing 10 new donors for WaterSchool
  • 1-2 hours per month of other interaction with the WaterSchool team

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I am a WaterSchool Ambassador because it’s the best way to use my creativity and skills to help make the world a safer, healthier place. I host dessert nights at my home and share WaterSchool’s story to ignite passion in others - it’s a great way to get more people involved in solving the water crisis in Uganda.
— Leigh Schumann, WaterSchool Ambassador