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You're here because you've just made your first gift to WaterSchool. It is incredibly generous of you and we're grateful that you trust us to put your dollars to work to make an impact in the world. On this page, we invite you to explore more about what it means to be a part of the WaterSchool community. Have fun and let us know if you have any questions or if you're interested in getting involved with WaterSchool in a new way. Thanks again for your generous support!

Meet Florence

Typhoid, diarrhea and sometimes cholera are common diseases that our community members in Uganda and Kenya struggle with when we first meet them. Without access to clean, safe water and without a clear understanding of proper sanitation and hygiene techniques, daily life can be very challenging.

In January 2015, we met Florence. With seven children running around, she told us that she is constantly taking them to the doctor because they are sick. This is expensive and she was frustrated that so much of their income was going towards taking care of these wholly preventable diseases.

Florence participated in WaterSchool’s training program and within three months things were starting to look very different around her homestead.  “After learning a lot about water and sanitation from WaterSchool, I constructed a bathing shelter, a tippy-tap for hand washing, and started to purify my family’s drinking water in the sun,” she explains. “Today, my children are happy and healthy. They no longer struggle with typhoid and diarrhea.”

 The impact your support has made on Florence extends far beyond good health. “Because of what we have learned, my children are no longer going to the doctor,” Florence says with a smile. “I save a lot more money each month which I re-invest in my small business.”

Economic freedom that comes with clean water means that Florence will be able to send her children to a better school, will be able to feed them well and will be able to support them more as they grow up.

“I have become a Peer Promoter of WaterSchool,” Florence explains. “I share what I have learned with other women in my community and encourage them to make changes around the home that will better the lives of their families.” 

Thank you for investing in people like Florence.
With the gift of clean water, you are changing lives.

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