Our Program

Water School implements its program through existing agencies in the beneficiary area. Local community groups – schools, churches, hospitals, government institutions – who have a vision for clean water, are championing the process and working in their communities to bring education and training in concert with the materials needed to clean existing water sources.

Our records estimate that 400,000 individuals have used or are using the Water School system in Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan since 2007.

Once the parents see the impact of clean water on their lives and the lives of their children, preparing and drinking solar disinfected water becomes a habit for health. Users become advocates of the program, training their peers and spreading the message of safe water.

To combat waterborne disease and death related to sanitation and hygiene problems, Water School implements a proven, integrated 3-step program. The program is designed to contribute to the UN Millennium Development Goal for Water and Sanitation, specifically: to halve, by 2015, the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe water and basic sanitation.

In most of our project areas, the program is introduced through the school system using local teachers in a controlled environment. Children then pass on what they have learned about the Water School program to their own homes. Once their families are interested and engaged, the program spreads rapidly throughout the community.

Water School’s 3-Step Program