WaterSchool partners with local, grassroots organizations to save lives and increase school attendance in Uganda. We do this by providing simple, affordable methods for purifying drinking water and improving sanitation practices.

We’ve seen it first hand: clean water changes everything.

Kids Stay in School

Sick children can’t attend school. 25% of school-aged children in Uganda will drop out because of a water-related illness.

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Families are Healthy

70% of all diseases treated in Uganda stem from a lack of access to clean water or poor sanitation and hygiene techniques.

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Girls Succeed

Lack of safe latrines keeps girls home from school after they get they get their first period, compromising their education.

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Today, my children are happy and healthy because we have access to clean water. They no longer struggle with typhoid and diarrhea. I don’t need to take them to the doctor anymore, and I save a lot more money each month which I re-invest in my small business.
— Florence, WaterSchool Participant + Clean Water Champion

We believe that health and education are inseparable, so we empower communities by integrating sanitation and hygiene education with a simple and sustainable water treatment technology called Solar Disinfection - otherwise known as SODIS.