thousands of people in Uganda now have access to clean water and a healthy future for their families.


In WaterSchool’s 11th year of transforming lives through clean water and good health, we reached over 125,715 people with training, equipment and education.

Because of WaterSchool, diarrhea, coughs and other waterborne diseases are no longer a threat to my family. I have learned the importance of hygiene, sanitation and drinking safe water. And I can now save enough money to send my children to school because I’m no longer spending money on taking them to the doctor all the time.
— Okello Juliusm, father of eight healthy children, Awaliwal Village, Uganda

Your support has empowered communities 


Clean water through SODIS 


Improved health through hygiene training + tools


Rainwater collection infrastructure

2017 Accomplishments


125,715 People trained

Training includes sanitation + hygiene practices as well as SODIS procedures. 


18,261 Latrines built or renovated

Latrines and hand washing stations are essential for health and wellness.

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215 Community partners 

We proudly partner with villages, schools, churches and other NGOs. 

The SODIS method of water treatment is the easiest way of elimintating waterborne disease causing germs and, better yet, it is still affordable for the poorest members of our community to access. All it takes is a few plastic bottles.
— Evelyn, WaterSchool Participant, Uganda

2017 Financials 

We have continued to raise money in Canada and the USA with the help of generous individuals and businesses like you. Program expenses reflect our continued support of WaterSchool program implementation in Uganda and Kenya. 


Revenue: $950,420
33% Corporate donations
67% Individual donations

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Expenses: $688,939
11% Admin + Fundraising costs
89% Program costs