In many countries, access to water itself is not a problem. In these lush, agricultural communities, it's water storage and sanitation issues that continue to make people sick. 

As a result, a child dies from a preventable, water-born illness every 90 seconds. 

At WaterSchool we've developed a proven method for preventing water-born illnesses and saving lives. Our teams are implementing this simple, effective strategy in rural communities in Uganda and Kenya right now.

Celebrating clean water in clear plastic bottles

With simple tools and basic training, WaterSchool teams equip families with access to clean, safe drinking water.

WaterSchool's three step method has been proven over decades of work in rural Uganda and Kenya. Today the work is managed and implemented by experienced, local people who understand their communities and know how to affect lasting change. 

SODIS table with clear water bottles

1. Solar Disinfection. Harnessing the power of the sun, contaminated water is left in a clear plastic bottle for a day, and UV rays kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria. 

2. Simple, DIY household infrastructure. By building and maintaining tippy taps for hand-washing, covered latrines and safe dishwashing areas, families can take pride and ownership over their own sanitation infrastructure.

3. Habits for Health. By teaching best practices for hygiene like washing hands and food and keeping latrines clean and covered, water-born illnesses are dramatically reduced.

Clean, safe drinking water changes everything.

From the life-saving health benefits, to increased school attendance and significant economic gains, clean water transforms communities.

In fact, in one community we work in, the local diphtheria hospital was recently converted into a school. 

Mom and her two little ones drink clean water

Just $33 provides clean water to one family. For life.

WaterSchool programs are simple and effective. We put your donations to work immediately equipping families with clean water and the training and education to maintain it. This mean that your gift of clean water lasts a lifetime. 

WaterSchool is a registered charity in Canada and the USA.