This Easter, Anna celebrates water at her door step.

Every morning Anna draws the water she needs for her young family from this 6,000 litre rainwater collection tank outside her front door. She makes the kids breakfast, gets them off to school and then tends to her garden, where she grows enough food to feed her own family and then some.

But it wasn’t always this way.

Before I had the rainwater collection tank from WaterSchool, I would wake up very early to fetch water. I would find long lines because the well is only one; on top of that, the path there is rocky and steep and after all those struggles I would only leave with just 20-litres of water which is not even enough for my household. My children were always late for school and my garden was unproductive.
— Anna

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Anna lives in Rubanda, Uganda. The landscape is strikingly beautiful, but very steep. When the rain comes, it pours and flows down into the bottom of the valley. And when it stops, the dry season lasts for months.

A rainwater collection tank is a simple solution to a complicated problem, which is a part of the WaterSchool tradition. We believe in empowering families with basic infrastructure and training needed to change their own lives.

With water at her doorstep, Anna has more time to give to her children and enough water to grow a flourishing garden. Her life is completely changed.

This Easter, we want to provide another 15 rainwater tanks to families like Anna’s in Rubanda, Kisoro and Kanungu in rural Uganda. Will you join us in this life-changing endeavour?

A rainwater tank costs $700 to build and install. We’re aiming to raise $10,500 this spring to meet this great need.
Any amount you can give towards this goal would be greatly appreciated.

Pitch in towards a rainwater harvesting tank.

Meet Anna

Hear directly from Anna and the WaterSchool team in Uganda. They share why rainwater collection tanks are so important to young families. Note: Africa Water Solutions is our implementing partner in Uganda.

When my neighbours have no water, they come and ask me for some and I help them. And when they saw what I had done concerning sanitation and hygiene, they also took it upon themselves and copied me.
— Anna

Anna’s rainwater collection tank from WaterSchool is changing the whole neighbourhood. Provide tanks for more families this year with your gift.